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DonorCommunity Online Services
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Online Services from DonorCommunity include:

Website Content Management (WCM): upload images and documents from your desktop into the Image Gallery and Document Library respectively.  Use anywhere on the site.  Find a sample new page and a work area page for adding new content. Valuable external links to free tools

Social Networking (SN): setup your own blog, update frequently, share important information with your constituents.  Allow registered users to add comments.

Reset Password and Update Profile: allow your registered users to change their password and to update their profile, directly into your CRM, to keep their information always up-to-date.  Automatic notifications you can personalize and update will be automatically sent when changes take place.

Tell A Friend: Guide visitors to click on Tell A Friend so they can promote your organization and your services.  Setup your Tell A Friend template, control the content you wish others to view, update as often as you wish.  Yet, allow visitors to add their own content and include as many emails as they wish.  Or, send to themselves and then forward to all their contacts!

Join Mailing List (JML): Encourage visitors to enter their email, captured right into your CRM.  Request to include their phone, address, who referred them and other information important to you (setup using your Registration Preferences right in your CRM).  If an email is new to the CRM database, addicional information will be requested and stored right in your CRM.   Automatic notifications you can personalize and update will be automatically sent when registration takes place.

Online Donations (OD): Accept online donations that will be processed by your merchant account and stored right in your CRM.  Setup your own specific programs/designations as well as your honorary/memorial preferences in your CRM Params and configure your Merchant Gateway, which will be used by Online Donations, Event Management and Personal Fundraisers.  Enable Referred By, Matching Information and Honorary/Memorial with point-click simplicity.  Automatic notifications you can personalize and update will be automatically sent when donations are processed successfully to Donor, to Admin and to Honorary/Memorial notification recipients donors can specify.

Event Management (EM): Setup your events and accept online registration.  Also enable internal users to receive checks or cash and enter that information manually to consolidate everything in one single db.  Free or Paid events are supported, easily configure your registration options with number of attendees and costs, include sponsorships. Automatic notifications you can personalize and update will be automatically sent when registration is processed successfully to both Registrant and Admin.

Personal Online Fundraisers (PF): Setup your own fundraiser or encourage registered users to host their own.  You can setup personal fundraiser to require your approval before publishing (optional) and you or the owner of each fundraiser can end them at any time.  Donations are stored in your CRM, accept credit card,checks or cash donations for manual entry as well. Automatic notifications you can personalize and update will be automatically sent when donations processed successfully to Donor, Host/Owner and Admin.

Volunteer Management (VM): Share Volunteer Opportunities online, invite people to join with one click on Tell A Friend, send automatic reminders to registered volunteers, allow them to confirm or cancel.   Track attendance and generate an In-Kind contribution of the time given to your organization.

Online Auctions: Promote your events with online auctions and setup an eStore view with items from your supporters to raise funds year round.  Easy setup, export your results and upload right into your CRM to consolidate everything in one place.

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM): The heart and the hub of your online fundraising DC-Platform. Setup your specific values and manage constituents and contributions in one place.  Track results with reports you can export to Excel.  Upload external data into your CRM.


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