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Alumni – True Measure of Success

Since 1901, thousands of boys and girls have crossed through the doorway of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama. For many of these kids, it was a home away from home. Memories of going to camp, soccer leagues, Six Flags leadership trips or just hanging out at the club are some of the great stories heard shared when old "clubbers" get back together.

While several Club alumni have achieved particular distinction in fields such as entertainment, business, politics and sports, the average alumnus is not famous. Most have achieved success by getting an education, raising a family, serving their country, pursuing a career or supporting the community.

Millions have benefited from belonging to a Boys & Girls Club since the first Club opened its doors in 1860. Based on research by Louis Harris & Associates, Club alumni have very strong feelings about their individual Club experiences:

  • 80% said Club staff helped them learn right from wrong
  • 95% indicated the Club was the best thing available in their community
  • 52% said participating in the Club "saved my life"

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