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Suggested tools for external content management

Refer to these tools or any of your choice

Note: It is not required to use any of these tools.    

External Tools Available Online For Free!

Disclaimer From DonorCommunity

DonorCommunity makes every effort to include only appropriate links. However, DonorCommunity does not have control over these websites, or their content. If you find a website has changed from its original content, or you have questions please contact us at

Resize Images Before Importing into your Image Gallery

Use to resize images ideally for the web. Crop and/or reduce size.

Free Buttons Online:

Build your own buttons to personalize any link. Save them on your desltop and then upload into your Image Gallery.

Personalize your fundraiaser template with buttons that match your look and feel and your terminology with

Convert Text 2 Image --> Make Logos Easily!

Can be used when logos are not available and all you have is a name of a person or a company. Ideal to recognize sponsors and key supporters at

Clear Browser Cache and History: CClean

You can clear your browser cache periodically for improved performance, among other benefits, with a simple SHIFT-CTL-D.  

You can also download this tool to periodically clear your browser cache, ideally for administrators. Check your IT Policies before downloading this tool.

Count Down Widget

Countdown Clocks

Custom Thermometer: Green Sample
Custom Thermometer: Sample Red

This template controls the elements:

TOP: Top Links (Home, Donate, Events, Contact), Social Network Buttons, Tagline, Tagline Image

FOOTER: Footer Links (Privacy Policy, Contact, Donate), Footer Descriptions

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