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Image Gallery

Add as many images as you wish. Do not delete images as they may be used many times on your site.

1.. Check the size of your images before you upload them into your site

Note: If images are coming from high res cameras or sources, you need to resize your images to be under 900 pixels in width.  You can use one of many external tools available online, at no cost, like  

2. Select the folder/subfolder you wish to upload your external images, or create a new folder/subfolder.

Note: Once images are uploaded, they can be displayed or selected from any content on your site, as many times as you wish. 

3. You can upload one image at a time, or bulk upload.

Note: always check to confirm your images have uploaded.  If you do not see and image you believe you uploaded, it is very likely it did not load due to size.  Resize, save, upload.

4. To build Image Gallery Viewers make sure the photos you wish to share are in the same subfolder.

5. When planning to use a Logo Rotator (Banner), it is recommended to place all your logos (images)  in the same folder/subfolder for easier selection.   You will still be able to use them individually from any content component.

Note: Logos/images to be used in the same component (logo rotator, image banner, image slider, etc) should be sized evenly for best display.


This template controls the elements:

TOP: Top Links (Home, Donate, Events, Contact), Social Network Buttons, Tagline, Tagline Image

FOOTER: Footer Links (Privacy Policy, Contact, Donate), Footer Descriptions

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