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Instructions: "Close" this content after reading, do not edit! --> Instructions: "Close" this content after reading, do not edit! -->

Adding content on an existing page


When adding a new content container consider the following tips:

  • Visit a page that has content similar to what you wish to include. Edit that content container to view type of structure and fields used within that structure
  • Visit the page where you want new content included
  • Add a new content container and select structure identified in #2.
    • Click on "Add" top-left option
    • Select  "Web Content Display"
    • Drag-and-Drop your new empty content container


  • Adding new content
    • Click on the ICON to Add New Content (bottom left, green plus sign)
    • Select Structure.  Choose same structure are the one used by the content container you visited on step 1.  The most commonly used structure is BLOCK.
    • Assign an internal name (required), visible to administrators to locate and "share" a content container or re-publish when needed.
    • Add your content
    • Save/Publish
  • Selecting existing content
    • Click on the "Select Content" ICON
    • Locate the container you wish to share using the internal name or the ID
    • Click on search and click to select
    • Save
    • Note: when you select and publish existing content containers, the container is automatically in "SHARE" mode.  If you edit this container, the changes made will be automatically reflected where ever the container appears. 
Adding a new page:

The easiest way to add a new page is to define where you want the new page.  Locate the PARENT page, and then create the new page beneath it (ie. create a child page).  Copy this sample new page, leave the containers you wish to share (like navigation, breadcrumb, like us, about us and social media), add new containers, close this container with instructions.

1. Click on Site Map  (above logo)

  • Click on the Parent Page and then click on Children to add a Child Page. Give it a name (this name will be visible in the URL and navigation menus).  The page will be empty.
  • To add content, select to COPY this "Sample New Page", located under Website Management
  • Click on SAVE

2. Add content on your new page

  • Return to FRONT-END editiing by clicking on Return to Full Page, or simply click on your menu to locate the new page you just created
  • Add new content containers
  • Close this content container with instructions (in the upper right border of the container, locate the red "x" to close and accept).  This will remove the container from the page, but it will remain in the content repository

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